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All visitors to the Fayette County Sheriff's Office and the Criminal Justice Complex must wear proper masks/face coverings and submit to a health screening/temperature check upon entry to the facilities.


Our previous website of www.fayettecountysheriff.org is being retired on September 19,2020.

Please note that any emails received after September 19,2020 from @fayettecountysheriff.org will not be from our office.

Our new email extension is @fcsotn.org.

Photograph of Sheriff Bobby Riles

A Message from Sheriff Riles

I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website. I want all of the citizens of Fayette County to know that my goal is to continue to improve our Sheriff's Office to meet the changing demands of our growing county. I am committed to keeping our communities safe. Fayette County has long been able to brag about its consistently low violent crime rate. Our ability to maintain a low violent crime rate is no accident, but rather the result of the dedicated men and women employed by the Fayette County Sheriff's Office that serve and protect the citizens of Fayette County. Since 2006, we have gone through many changes and endured some hardships. It is my opinion that we have managed to come out on top as a much stronger department. We have implemented a training program that is second to none. The deputies, investigators, communications officers, and corrections staff receive up-to-date first class training that is necessary to reduce departmental liability and keep up with the ever changing world of law enforcement. We have improved our community relations programs by working hard to create Neighborhood CrimeWatch groups and by working directly with the citizens to meet their individual needs within their specific communities. We have also increased community involvement by having officers available for school, church, and other organizations' presentations.
There is no doubt that knowledge is power, and by educating citizens we can continue to prevent and deter crime. We strive to meet these changing demands while at the same time maintaining the "personal" touch that has always been at the heart of the Fayette County Sheriff's Office. I have worked hard to maintain the "small-town" personal service that citizens of Fayette County expect, while at the same time improving the professionalism of the Sheriff's Office so that all can say that the Fayette County Sheriff's Office is an office to be proud of. It is my hope that I can continue to serve the citizens of Fayette County in this same manner by further promoting professionalism in law enforcement blended with compassion for the public. I maintain an open door policy and try to make sure that I am always available to the citizens of Fayette County. Feel free to stop by the Bill G. Kelley Criminal Justice Complex and speak with me about any problems or concerns you may have. I am also available to be reached at my desk at (901) 466-3930. For those who prefer email, contact me at [email protected] Thank you again for taking the time to learn more about the Fayette County Sheriff's Office.
Thank you,

Bobby Riles

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