The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office is encouraging citizens to become involved in the safety of their communities by forming neighborhood CrimeWatch groups.  

The CrimeWatch program sponsored by the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office is a neighborhood watch initiative that urges citizens to be alert to what is going on in their neighborhood.  According to Sheriff Bobby Riles, “Our CrimeWatch program gets us back to how it used to be growing up in a small town." The Sheriff was referring to how the CrimeWatch program puts people back in touch with their neighbors and fosters an atmosphere where people are looking out for one another. 

Crimewatch Hotline (901) 466-0030
The Sheriff also encourages citizens to use another component of the CrimeWatch Program, the CrimeWatch Hotline. The CrimeWatch Hotline can be reached by calling 901-466-0030.  This hotline is method that citizens can use to anonymously leave tips regarding narcotics activity, burglaries, thefts, wanted persons, or any other criminal activity.  Callers to the hotline are greeted by a recording after which they may leave a recorded message that will be forwarded to investigators.  

These messages are checked daily Monday thru Friday. Do not use this line for emergency calls or anything requiring immediate attention. Diall 911 for emergencies or contact Sheriff’s Dispatch at 901-465-3456 for non-emergencies.  

Phone and Internet Scams
The Sheriff’s Office also cautions citizens to be aware of new telephone and internet email scams that have recently focused on senior citizens.  Sheriff Riles says “These scams may ask you for your bank account information or for money for non-existing charities." Individuals that give this information may find out many months later that they have been the victim of identity theft. 

If you are interested in starting a CrimeWatch group in your community or have any questions regarding the program or the scams mentioned above, contact Sergeant Mike Presson at 901-466-3909 or send an email to [email protected].